Saturday, March 21, 2009

It is Saturday... (or best music for a Sunday doing work)

It is Saturday, but it feels like a Sunday. Sunday's are my least favourite day, so you can imagine I'm not super pleased (although, I guess it's what you get when you haven't had class since Wednesday night). I guess I've had my fun for the weekend, actually, I've had my fun for the rest of the semester I think. It's time to get serious, time to get work done, time to finish on a strong note. In order to do this, however, I am going to need to finish: 3 essays, 3 projects, 1 quiz, presentation, and 2 take home tests. This makes me a little nervous because there are 18 days until I am done school (yeah, for the YEAR).

I know I can get it done, I've been doing some work today, I think I've been pretty productive so far. This is partly due to the fact that I find it hard to do work with nothing else going on, but I also don't like to multi-task like CRAZY when I have this much work. I've found my best method is working, but also having some music on. Here are my 10 best artists for when you need just a little.
1. The Album Leaf- Signed to Subpop, they've got the ambient, orchestral thing nailed down. The music is beautiful, and it makes great background music.
2. Explosions in the Sky- Similar to Album Leaf (ambient, usually no lyrics), Explosions is a little more epic. Their songs are typically long, and have a bit more of an edge to them, quite a bit darker. They were also heavily influenced by Mogwai (always a good thing).
3. American Analog Set- They've got 6 albums out, and sometimes I like consistency in music when I'm working, that way you don't get distracted by changes (makes sense to me...). Though they have lyrics, their music is really mellow indie-rock, mixed with lo-fi, so it's perfect.
4. Bon Iver- Bon Iver is mellow, acoustic, and soulful. It's beautiful but can be pretty heavy. Nevertheless, it works when you want to (ahahahah.)
5. Do Make Say Think- DMST is awesome for when you need a little more upbeat music to work to that still isn't distracting. It's experimental, post-rock, infused with jazz and usually there are no lyrics. For a job well done (I need to stop).
6. Feist- Feist is great no matter what you need, mellow, upbeat, jazz, acoustic, she's done it all. I like it because of this diversity and her voice is beautiful.
7. Once Soundtrack- Once is a fantastic movie based around music (if you haven't seen it, you're missing out). It's stirringly beautiful and maybe that's why I like it when I work.
8. Iron and Wine- Sam Beam makes the most wonderful folk music today. It's acoustic, simple, and lovely.
9. Simon and Garfunkel- One word. Classic. That's really all you need to know.
10. Young Galaxy- They're fairly new, and only have one album (maybe 2009 will bring more?) but it's pretty awesome, even though it's more assertive than any other artist listed here, I still find them easy to listen to whilst writing. Maybe it's the dream-pop element, puts me in kind of a good mood.

Anyhow... that's the list. Good luck with the rest of the term everyone.
What is your favourite music to do work to?


  1. lately i've been throwing down some wavves/women/times new viking for some late night noisy work sessions. Its a good motivator and it puts me in the "get it done and get it done" kind of mood.

  2. First off, way to boast about your super long weekend! I envy it so much.
    Second, You introduced me to Feist a while ago and I'm obsessed, seriously.

  3. Super long weekends are the best, and so is Feist.