Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dave Dyment: guest blog by Meagan Kashty

Dave Dyment is a Canadian artist who has gained a lot of popularity for his "pop art." I was first privy to his work while writing an article on the LOLA festival in London, and was instantly hooked.
Dyment is based in Toronto, but has had is work exhibited all across Canada as well as Dublin and Varna, Bulgaria and Philadelphia.
He specializes in taking ready made material (like records, posters, and other "pop culture" related things) and transforming them or manipulating them to send a different message.
However, what really intrigued me about Dyment was how he uses The Beatles as a source of inspiration.
In "Life and Death", Dyment takes an advertising lightbox to illuminate a reproduction of LIFE magazine with Paul McCartney on the cover. The article inside was meant to reassure fans that Paul was alive and well, but the advertisement on the back of the front page reveals a car "crashing into" Paul. This is a cool, subtle play on the "Paul is Dead" theory that plagued so many Beatle's fans.
There are also several pieces where Dyment combines several top 25 records into 1 single record.
I think it's some pretty interesting stuff, and you should definately check out www.davedyment.com to see more.

( Check out www.maybeimamazedmaybenot.blogspot.com if you liked this post, and want to see more)

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