Friday, March 13, 2009

Canadian Music Week-Thursday at Horshoe Tavern

As previously mentioned, I am at Canadian Music Week this weekend in Toronto. Last night I went to the Horseshoe Tavern and it was loud, packed, and awesome. Unfortunately we got there a little too late for The Lovely Feathers,only seeing the last song, Photocorners, which kind of sucks because I've never seen them but the rest of the night made up for it.
$100 was next, and they put on a great performance. I actually saw them play a double set the night before in London at The Alex P. Keaton, which was also pretty damn good. They're a folk band leaning more towards the side of country. The crowd enjoyed them, and they seemed to be having a good time.

$100 at The Horseshoe Tavern on Canadian Music Week

Next up was Women, who were by far the noisiest. This band has come a long way from playing shows in basements of the wilderness that is the Alberta suburbs. Their set last night was a sound collage of their past self titled album along with a few noisy jams that were made on the road. Their set was melodic, sporadic, it ebbed and flowed into hybrids of their previous work. They were so low-fi that my confidence was crushed completely and then rebuilt again in the laysers of telecaster squeals. They were abrasively loud, and in the next moment, sweetly quiet. It was a bit disappointing that neither the crowd (or sound guy) could keep up. Many times they would finish a song, unbeknownst to the crowd, other times the crowd would cheer when they were only halfway done. It was caos. Overall their preformance was a trip through a sound they are so delicously good at playing and it was done in a way only Women could accomplish. They were good and i'm not sure if too many people would agree. In a strange twist of events, we met the lead singer at the grocery store on our way home. He seemed surprised that I shook his hand and thanked him for what i heard.

Women at Horseshoe Tavern

Next up was Gentleman Reg, who I've never heard, but I knew he was signed to Arts and Crafts (Brendan Canning was in the audience). It was easy to see why, his music is easy to get into, very pleasant to listen to, and he had the best interaction with the audience. His music is indie-rock of the usual type, some softer ballad songs, and some more poppy upbeat songs. Gentleman Reg had a few intense fans dancing, lighting up their jackets (yeah, there was a middle aged guy with a light up jacket), and screaming his name at people(same guy). He's pretty decent, check him out if you like most Arts and Crafts artists.

Gentleman Reg at Horsehoe Tavern

Finally, closing the set was Chad Vangaalen. I really like Chad Vangaalen, but his set was kind of disappointing. He only played 6 songs, got in there and got out. I can understand why, as it was a very long night (I was so tired by this point), and he had already played with Women. But most of the crowd came there to see him, and I feel like most of them left a little unhappy, especuially because after the short set list, he didn't have an encore (he may not have been allowed to, but his set seemed shorter than any other, and as a closing act there is usually an encore). Regardless, the songs he did play were pretty good, and everyone enjoyed it.

Chad VanGaalen at Horseshoe Tavern

Overall, the night was a success. Earlier in the Horseshoe won best live music venue in the CMW awards, and it was the first Thursday they have ever filled to capacity. Tonight I'm going back for
The Bicycles 10 : 10 PM
Human Highway 11 : 10 PM
Handsome Furs 12 : 10 AM
Hot Panda 1 : 10 AM

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