Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Lovely Feathers- Where have you Gone?

2006, I was in grade 12, it was a year of fun, friends, discovery, and The Lovely Feathers released Hind Hind Legs. That was truly a great album. I was supposed to go see them on December 8th, 2006 (also known as the worst day of my life) but if any of you remember that was the craziest snowstorm I have ever seen. As a result of all the snow, my comp sci exam was moved, I couldn't get home until much much later, missing the concert (also that day I ripped my favourite pair of jeans, and there was no italian grilled cheese). That was also the last I heard of The Lovely Feathers.the lovely feathers
They seemed to just disappear, and that's not easy for a band on Spin's Top 5 up and coming Montreal Bands. Earlier this school year I heard they were back! But... that's about all I've heard. In the INFO section of their website it states, "And so it goes to where they are today: The Lovely Feathers, several years finer, are pleased to announce the imminent release of their new completed album, ‘Scherezadian’. It will be followed by a respectful and pleasant tour of North America." On their myspace it even says Fall 2008! Well... where is this album?! I checked the page to see if there was any news, or if there were any new songs on ANYONES account... but nothing. In the Shoutbox- written in December- is, " haven't heard anything about scherezadian for a while now :(". So I guess I am not the only one who is confused.
However, the band is back to playing shows in Montreal tomorrow, and later for Canadian Music week in Toronto. I guess they haven't ceased to exist. They're just so cryptic, does anyone know whats going on with 'Scherezadian'?


  1. I will ask them when they open for women and Chad V at CMW. Hopefully they postponed the album to sock up on copies for their final song of their set. I hear they rain "Scherezadian" down upon unsuspecting heads...

  2. thats weird. yeah it came up that they were playin in to on my lastfm and i got preeeeeeetty excited that they still exist bar the fact that obviously cannot go.

  3. They still exist all right, and Fantasy of the Lot (fka Scherezadian) was just released.

    Warning though: their sound has changed! It's taken a severe turn toward the less crazy.

    However, perhaps you don't know about their 1st album, 'My Best Friend Daniel'. If not, then you haven't heard 'Icebergs'. And thus, you have not lived.