Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make That Face Again Tom

These faces are awesome!

Good ol' Tom Edwards. Every time I browse past his bookmark on my morning trot around the blogosphere (oooh yucky word) I think to my self, "who is that tom edwards?"

Then I am quickly reminded.

Is there anything better than a complete mastery of, well, unmastery?
There is just something about his work that bypasses all of the "well that's shitty" sensors and activates all of the "woah thats beautiful" ones.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bradford's New Sounds

If you didn't steal his album off of media fire when it leaked then you are probably not an Atlas Sound fan. Or maybe you are a really good one. Well, maybe you are just nice.

Bradford Cox writes a mean pop song. With the reverb drenched bedroom LP Let The Blind..., I'm convinced of his songwriting super powers. Maybe it's all he does, and this is okay, because he's got me listening.

Like I mentioned before, Logos was leaked in an unfortunate mistake, but although it came close to ruining things, Cox rewired and set out again in 2007 to make Logos. Besides the frustration of having your work out in public hands too early, the songs that he's written are quite, well, amazing. I think it acts as Bradford's answer to Person Pitch and what better way to do that than have Noah Lennox sing with you?


Walkabout (ft. Noah Lennox)

Atlas Sound - Drunken Clam, New Years Eve

Broken Amps

It's their cleanest sounding album, but by no means is it meant for grandma's stereo, unless she likes that sort of thing. On a side note, I will still be listening to it when I am old.

Times New Viking is damn good at writing catchy poppy songs that bore into your brain and stay there for weeks. Is it so wrong that they leave a bit of static in their wake? Their step towards a cleaner sound was one that I feel was in favor of having a more diverse landscape to bury their songs in. There is a powerful set of melodies, and the songs are faster, but there is never a hint of Time New Viking having rushed them. These tracks are lean in a way that lends to a pleasantly catchy outcome. There is a present punk attitude on Born Again, but the pop shocks you out of being too angry when the LP comes to a close.