Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bradford's New Sounds

If you didn't steal his album off of media fire when it leaked then you are probably not an Atlas Sound fan. Or maybe you are a really good one. Well, maybe you are just nice.

Bradford Cox writes a mean pop song. With the reverb drenched bedroom LP Let The Blind..., I'm convinced of his songwriting super powers. Maybe it's all he does, and this is okay, because he's got me listening.

Like I mentioned before, Logos was leaked in an unfortunate mistake, but although it came close to ruining things, Cox rewired and set out again in 2007 to make Logos. Besides the frustration of having your work out in public hands too early, the songs that he's written are quite, well, amazing. I think it acts as Bradford's answer to Person Pitch and what better way to do that than have Noah Lennox sing with you?


Walkabout (ft. Noah Lennox)

Atlas Sound - Drunken Clam, New Years Eve


  1. thanks for the downloads this was one of first times hearing atlas sound and i have to say I am impressed

  2. HEY WALKABOUT is one of my fave Atlas Sound songs!!! im assuming you are seeing them saturdeh?