Monday, January 26, 2009

Mike Perry

So... sometimes designers are so great I find myself frequenting their websites only to find nothing new because, well HECK, projects take a long time (that's why I like blogs, CONSTANT updates). One such designer is Mike Perry from Brooklyn NY. He is part of an art/design collective called YouWorkForThem . YouWorkForThem is "an award-winning group of artists that produce some of the most groundbreaking design work available today" featuring some of my other favourite designers.
Anyhow, I was recently very pleased to discover Mike Perry had redesigned his entire website and added new content. The website itself is now cleaner than before, but it is harder to see his work, you need to get PDF's to see properly. Regardless, his stuff is wicked so you should check it out.
I was shocked to find that there is no Wikipedia article on him (well, not one I could find) because he has done work with New York Times Magazine, Dwell Magazine, Microsoft Zune, Urban Outfitters, eMusic, and Zoo York. He has also published two books called Over and Over (a book of hand made designs and patterns and features Travis Stearns another designer I have posted about), Hand-Job (a book of hand drawn typefaces), and has started a magazine called Untitled. You can see he's a pretty busy guy, so the Wikipedia absence is still confusing me.

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