Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Best 25 Bands to Dance to

So, as MANY of you know, tonight is the legendary MIT inappropriate office party. In honour of this function I have put together a list of bands (along with recommended songs) that you may not think to dance to or may not even know about, and unless you go to beat connection, or shake appeal you probably never hear in bars.
So without further delay, here is my list:
  1. Animal Collective- their hyper sound on Winter Wonderland would make anyone get out of their chair
  2. Arcade Fire- Keep the Car running moves quickly and has a catchy chorus
  3. Bloc Party- Helicopter and Banquet are my personal favourites.
  4. Born Ruffians- Where to start? This Sentence, Hummingbird, Foxes Mate for Life, Born Ruffians are one of the funnest bands out there, and Canadian!
  5. Broken Social Scene- It's all Going to break is a really epic song if the crowd knows it... Major Label Debut (FAST) has become one of my top songs to dance to.
  6. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!- Such a unique sound... Is This Love? and Satan said Dance are definitely key
  7. Crystal Castles- Even if you don't know it, you've probably heard Crystal Castles. From Toronto, in 2008 they quickly became a sensation Worldwide. Try Crimewave, Alice Practise, of Magic Spells
  8. The Cure- a cult classic band, Close to Me, Pictures of You, and Friday I'm in Love are favourites at retro nights everywhere
  9. Cut Copy- Getting more and more publicity for their electropop/danckpunk altogether wonderful 80's style synth sounds they are GREAT. Check out Feel the Love, Hearts on Fire, Lights and Music
  10. Digitalism- Because you can't NOT dance to Pogo
  11. Dragonette- This one may be more for a girls night... Dragonette are fantastic and breaking out, Competition and I Get Around is sure to make for a good time.
  12. Girl Talk- The master of Mashups, with Girl talk everyone will know something. Bounce that, Overtime, Too Deep... I could go on, all of them are amazing.
  13. Holy F***- If you didn't catch them at LOLA fest 2008, well, maybe you shouldn't listen to them, there will only be regret. Lovely Allen and Milkshake are Boss.

  14. The Hood Internet- One of my BEST discoveries ever. Hoodinternet is all free mashups between indie gems and rap/ hip-hop favs. Absorb the Lipgloss (Lil Mama Vs. Marnie Stern), Snatch Da Crystal Cat Back (Khia Vs Dan Deacon), Can You Hear My Kids Now (Lil Kim VS MGMT), and sooo many more will be enough to addict you for life.
  15. Hot Chip- Ready For the Floor, and Over and Over are prime songs for this indie-dance-techno band
  16. Klaxons- Golden Scans, and It's Not Over Yet will leave you begging for more
  17. Los Campensinos!- The exclamation mark says it all. Try You! Me! Dancing! for a good time
  18. The Lovely Feathers- A favourite for my friends, Rome is in the Valley could probably be called our anthem.
  19. Matt and Kim- Dash after Dash and Yeah Yea call for high kicks.
  20. MGMT- No list is complete without MGMT. Electric Feel, Kids, and Time To Pretend were some of the best dongs of 2008. If you don't know them... where have you been?
  21. Muse- No playlist is complete without Knights of Cydonia, or Starlight
  22. Of Montreal- There is no band today quite as psychedelic as Of Montreal. Requiem for O.M.M.2, Grolondic Edit, and so many more are perfect additions to any party

  23. Ratatat- Loud Pipes, Seventeen Years, and Swisha have no lyrics but they will be sure to get toes tapping
  24. Shapes and Sizes- Head Movin', Alone/Alive, and Boy You Shouldn't Have will require a lot of energy for a lot of awesome beats
  25. Wolf Parade- Dear Sons and Daughters, and Grounds for Divorce are welcome additions to any tracklist.


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