Monday, January 19, 2009

Maybe TOO inspiring...

So... here I am looking at an article entitled '50 Inspiring Vintage Advertisements' on Well Medicated, a design blog when I realise something... THIS LOOKS ODDLY FAMILIAR. Maybe it's the assortment of colours, maybe it's the montage of images, maybe its the helvetica... but this is very reminiscent of every Western Girl's favourite store: American Apparel.
So... perhaps these vintage ads are TOO inspiring. Maybe everything has been done. If one of the alleged 'most original' stores (...) of our time is going back in time, maybe we are too. Maybe we need to rethink where design is headed (back to the design revolution of the 1960's?). Maybe we just need something so fresh that we can't go back in time. I mean those ads were great for the time period! Think of how inventive it would be in a time where graphic design is an emerging occupation. The originality and cleanliness of this style would SHOCK (think mad men and the VW ad for those that watch) and REVOLUTIONIZE the whole industry.
So... why can't we have that kind of innovation today? Is it not possible?

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm I love the clean bright aesthetic of those ads, I don't care if AA is ripping it off, it's just so refreshing to look at. And the world should really incorporate more Helvetica if you ask me!