Sunday, January 18, 2009

Merriweather Post Pavillion

It's that time of year again. There's a new Animal Collective CD out. Ok, so it's actually been quite a while since they release Strawberry Jam in September 2007. Still, in nine years they have released eight albums each one more anticipated and eagerly awaited than the prior. In the certain circles (think... pitchfork) the build up to a new Animal Collective album release is like the build up to that of Obama's inauguration (ok, well maybe thats a BIT of an exaggeration, but you get it). January 20th 2009 marks the release of Merriweather Post Pavillion, Animal Collective's ninth studio release. This album is one that does not disappoint. It's psychedelic, experimental, clean but noisy at the same time. It's poetic, ridiculous, nonsensical and absolutely stunning.

They're one of the most original bands out there; they practically have their own genre. With Merriweather Post Pavilion it's as though Animal Collective has perfected Animal Collective. After eight albums they've experimented so much that they now know exactly what works without losing any of their unique sound. It's by far their most accessible record yet, the songs are all epic within themselves but don't go on too long (which for me personally was somewhat of a deterrent for oh say Hollinndagin). For anyone who has wanted to start listening to Animal Collective but not known where to start THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY.

There are 11 tracks on the album that range from the poetic, even romantic soaring and melodic sounds of Bluish or Summertime Clothes (one of my favourites) to the hyper chanting choruses and various juxtaposes layers of sound characteristic of Animal Collective in Brother Sport. My Girls seems to be the main contender for favourite song ( over 15 000 and counting listens on and the cd is being released on January 20th).

Merriweather Post Pavilion is sure to be one of the best albums in 2009 and may very well be the album Animal Collective is remembered for. So check it out, you won't regret it. It's new, it's great, and it's the freshest thing I've heard in a while.

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