Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bands I sometimes forget exist but are AWESOME- #1 The Delgados

Ok... so there are some bands that are dinosaurs. They have been around forever, and in my itunes since... well, since I've HAD itunes. So I'm going to do a series of posts every once in a while about bands that aren't brand new, but are classic that should keep getting attention even if they've been around a few decades. After all, this is the music that our (my) favourite musicians have maybe listened to or been influenced by.
I was reminded by house-mate Andrew about one such band. He also told me to blog about their awesomeness. That band is The Delgados. They hail from Scotland and formed in 1994. They were making good music before I knew how to do simple math (ok, that's not true I could add and subtract a little) and disbanded in 2005 before I discovered them in 2006. It's a pity. Lead female vocalist Emma Pollock started a solo career which is super and you should check out as well.

The Delgados have a very dynamic sound that varies song to song, yet they still remain consistent. From the layered mellow sounds of 'Clarinet' off of 1998's Peloton, to the more traditional indie-rock 'Accused of Stealing' off of 2000's The Great Eastern, and the baroque-pop soaring melodies of 'The Light Before We Land' off of 2002's Hate, The Delgados have done it all.
So if you appreciate variety, originality, and good music in general I strongly recommend checking these guys out.

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