Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Music: A Review

If you remember, closer to the beginning of the summer I blogged about summer music. Well this summer is starting to wind down (only a few weeks left!) so I may be doing this a bit early but it's on my mind this morning.
My summer soundtrack is this.

Animal Collective- sleected songs from Merriweather, and Strawberry Jam (favourites Summertime Clothes, My Girls, Brothersport, Fireworks, Purple Bottle)

Cut Copy- ANYTHING from In Ghost Colours (try hearts on fire, light and music)

Phoenix- Amadeus Wolfgang Phoenix was amazing (try listomania, 1901)

Regina Spektor- even though I haven't seen it 500 Days of summer (watch the trailer) inspired this throwback to 2 summers ago with the song Us. Fidelity, on the radio, better, and remember that time are up there too.

Metric- Fantasies is a Real solid album (try sick muse, help I'm alive)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- So mad I didn't get to go to their concert (try heads will roll, hysteric)

I think this summarizes summer music of 2009 for me quite nicely. Of course there are others but these were the ones I turned to again and again.

Do you have any summer anthems?

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