Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh some more?

I heard Bradford Cox in an interview say that making music is hard work. That is especially true in the current waters of the downloader freeloader audience. But Deerhunter makes music and Deerhunter works hard and their release of The Rainwater Cassette Exchange has me impressed again. It's clear that as young bloods, they are bursting with ideas, and the fact that they had just released a double LP doens't seem to factor into how much they end up laying down in the studio.

It is an EP and it has 5 songs.

Usually EP's are unworthy deviations from bands but because there is nothing unfocused about Deerhunter, what ends up happening is a tremendously well produced thumbprint of the band's current interests.

Like Flourescent Grey, but in reverse, it is the winding down of a satisfying arrangement of what is so easy to love about them. Cox's vocals are delightful and the bass lines get into your bones and shake you loose.

Doesn't the cover look a bit like Hercules and Love Affair?

Go and buy it, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Nice to see another deerhunter fan! I think Fluorescent Grey still trumps this one, the production on that ep is incredible. They have an amazing drum sound. Are you at OCAD?