Sunday, May 31, 2009

Have you noticed... Summer music time

So. I am one week shy of being on summer vacation for two months. 'Awesome!' may be the initial reaction but... it's been bittersweet.

Sad fact 1:

I have no job. I've been looking, applying like CRAZY since before READING week. I officially hate this 'recession' business.

Sad fact 2:

living at home can be hard. Like you can NEVER be alone and you have to be more aware of people in your house (ex my mom wakes up easily. She's not to happy about my coming home in the am's).

Sad fact 3:

I miss London friends, house, and parties/dance places. That is something I for sure have taken for granted over the last 3 years. (HOLY CRAP THREE YEARS!)

Happy fact 1:

Dundas friends are AWESOME, I love my family, and I get to travel more for cheaper (hi nine dollar ticket to Toronto).

Happy fact 2:

I get to do more things I WANT (reading for fun, making stuff for fun ETC).

Happy fact 3 (and here's where music comes in):

AWESOME CONCERTS. I've seen some pretty awesome shows so far this summer. OH! Fest in London was SUPER awesome. Animal Collective at Sound Academy was amazing (but some of the crowd SUCKED (what Animal Collective has more music than just Merriweather Post Pavilion?!)). MOREOVER this week I get to go see Grizzly Bear at Pheonix, as well as Lovely Feathers with the Ghost is Dancing at Lee's Palace. Lovely Feathers are FINALLY releasing their new album. If you're in the GTA come to the show on Saturday. It's only eight dollars and I promise it will be awesome. This kind of brings up the topic of summer music.

I tend to listen to certain music during certain seasons. For example Bloc Party and Arcade Fire are winter bands to me. The Shins and Matt Pond PA are fall bands. Spring music... is... I can't think of any... maybe because spring is a weird mix of all the other seasons. But Summer, summer is a new story.

Summer music is some of my favourite, because I find it the easiest to tie memories too (super cheesy right?!). Last summer was MGMT, (LOVE), Andrew Bird, and some others. Previous 'summer' bands have been Modest mouse, gorillaz, Crystal Castles, Girl Talk, Delgados... I think you get the picture. So... does nyone else do this? Am I the only one who makes soundtracks in my mind?

Well this summer will have a DAMN good sountrack. I was inspired to do this post by Vivian who brought Think about Life's new album (oh god so good. I need to start listening to them again) to a BBQ lat night. I think that'll be one. Also Yeah Yeah Yeah's It's Blitz is making my life complete. I'm anticipating more Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Lovely Feathers love OH AN MOST SERENE REPUBLIC. Ok. I think thats enough.


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