Friday, April 24, 2009

absjdkfnerlk! New Most Serene Republic!

Ok so, I got the new Most Serene Republic song, Heavens to Purgatory, the other day (you can listen to it here). MSR are on Arts and Crafts label and have been one of my favourite bands ever since I heard the exquisite sound of Phages. They have 2 full albums (Underwater Cinematographer and Population) and a tour album (Phages). The great news is... in July this year they will release another album entitled "...And the Ever Expanding Universe". I am super excited for this album. Most Serene Republic is one band whose music I never tire of. Every time I listen to it I am in awe of the blending of sounds and voices, lyrics, and the sheer brilliance of it. They have never made anything I haven't liked, and they always leave you wanting more. Last year I saw them three times in concert and each time was better than the last, if you ever have an opportunity go see them. Anyhow... I think you get it now.
I'm excited.

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