Friday, April 17, 2009

The Role of Art

Hey look! A blog post! Ok, so I've been off school now for a little more than one week, and I am lovvvvvvving it. Thus far, my summer has been great, although not exactly a summer (with the beautiful exception of today). Anyhow, all this time sans blogging has left me thinking about things more. It's a little easier to think about your perspective when you have time to.
So lately I've been reflecting on all the STUFF I've learned this year, and you know, it's quite a substantial amount. There's been a lot of things I've never thought about, never known, never realized, you get the picture. Now one topic that seems relevant enough to post about is the role of art in the world. Not just art but ART whether it is painting, photography, design, film, music, literature, anything. I've been trying to figure out it's point in the world. There are so many different approaches people can take, and I think that's why identifying an answer personally has been so difficult. Not only this, but what do I WANT it's role to be? Because the truth is- art serves whatever purpose the creator made it for wanted it to serve.
Some just want to create, they get a burst of creativity and manifest this into something physical. I think there's a lot of controversy over this issue because a lot of people want another person's art to serve their purpose. I think there's a place for everything., every idea. I do think art has the power to change things, and like when art challenges the way you look at things, like a lot of movements and artists have (think banksy, duchamp, magritte, surrealism, dada, etc.) have. I don't know if I agree with the art for art sake thing, but I do think art should be accessible to everyone so if that's how it happens than so be it. Regardless, I think there should be some sort of meaning (I guess even art for art's sake has meaning, so I'm kind of contradicting myself).
I guess I've been thinking about this trying to figure out where I can fit in. What do I want to do with the things I make? Do I want them to challenge? Do I want them to be purely functional? Can the these things go together? I suppose it's something only more work can determine. What do other people do?

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