Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Conclusions About Poetry

It's hard to be poetic.
I find it difficult because poets are cheesy and I don't want to be cheesy. I exercise a strict policy to eschew my own poetic tendencies, but still, sometimes I just gotta do it. Mostly I harbor this as a terrible addiction, something I can't kick so why should I? At least I keep it to myself, for the most part.There are certain individuals who are able to transcend the self-conscious monster that tamely licks at your ego. People who are poetic while at the same time, are able to avoid the criticism of trying too hard. Kim Hiroth√ły, a long time Graphic Designer, DJ, and owner of Rune Grammofon, a successful record label in the heart of Norway. Although his monogram is no longer in print, He has recently released pretty much the next best thing.

Money Will Ruin Everything 2 is a celebration of 5 years of Rune Grammofon. It comes with 2 CDs and pages upon pages of album art work, all of which is designed by Kim.When I look at Kim's work, all I am immediately aware of is the feeling of poetry. To me, he doesn't need to be doing anything on top of that, even if he is. It's something about an non-rhythm that gets me, and how nothing-shapes become instantly meaningful. His photographs contain a kindness that is dragged out by his shapes and I can't figure out how so little could become so much. Its not a silly 'less is more' fixation, Kim is able to make the endless beauty and hidden importance of the unfamiliar, instantly noticeable.

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