Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can't stop looking at...

MAKE SOMETHING COOL EVERYDAY. MSCE is an online community of people that seems to be growing pretty steadily. The goal for participants is, well, to make something cool everyday. The only criteria is it should be created in ONE day. I imagine it would be both inspiring and draining to try and making something everyday. I mean, I would be happy making something cool every WEEK.

The project features designers, artists, illustrators, as well as random people it has collected.
There are also numerous Flickr groups, and streams dedicated to it. There appears to be a core group of people that do post everyday, but there are also quite a few more sporadic users. Some choose to go with themes, Moss (the user who I believe started this project) has a series of vintage looking packaging for films and videogames. Shown above is an image belonging to Trustzabo who seems to have a thing for reptile collages. There are also occasions when one user will suggest a theme and others will design something around that theme (for example top played song).So check it out, it's kind of addicting. Maybe one day when I'm less busy I'll try to MSCE too.

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