Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A History of Noise

Just as the title might suggest, the recent treat unburied by Bradford is solidly overindulgent. However, you can't really look at it with any singular vision. When he was just kicking around with Moses, and Deerhunter was new blood and obsessed with tapes, these songs were the product of those times.

The band has changed a lot since then, but this album has certain genetic makeup built into every track. It's like having a picture of your best friend, then after years of knowing him getting to look at a picture of him as a child. At first you are surprised by how different they looked back then, but, as you look at it closely, you notice the same bones are behind all of that flesh.

When you first start it off, you might think that it's a little ridiculous in scope. Noise-band meets disco-trance was my first impression. Really, its more of a wandering narrative, which actually exposes itself in more ways, especially with Bradford stating at the beginning of But I'm a Boy, "don't take yourself too seriously." It's a conversation really. It leaps into being as it rolls along. Not really knowing where it will go, it makes sure to cover the important parts of not trying too hard. They are just a bunch of kids with tapes and ideas.

Listening to it with a purpose might be a mistake, but if you roll with it, you find some great moments.

Carve Your Initials Into The Walls Of The Night

Also, I can not believe how brave this man is:

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